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Must See Landmarks in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a city rich in culture and diversity which is reflected in many of it's beautiful landmarks. With so many great buildings, structures and monuments spread all over the city it can be tricky for tourists on a short stay to get round to seeing them all. To help make that selection easier here is a selection of 5 unique and beautiful landmarks in Buenos Aires worth checking out.


1) El Obelisco:

This is probably the most recognised landmark in Buenos Aires. It is an Obelisk that is located in the downtown area right in the middle of Avenida 9 de Julio, which is actually the widest avenue in the world. Standing 68 meters tall, El Obelisco was erected in 1936 to buildings icons commemorate the creation of the city. It is built on the site where the national flag was flown for the first time.


The plaza around the Obelisk is often used for cultural events and also by government agencies who want to raise awareness on certain issues. It is also a popular spot where local football fans celebrate their teams triumphs.


2) El Torre Monumental:

El Torre Monumental is a 60 metre tall clock tower located opposite the central Plaza San Martin. It is also known as El Torre de los Ingleses (The English Tower), because it was donated to Argentina by the British Community of Buenos Aires in the early 20th century.


The tower was inaugurated in 1916 and around the base of the tower are a number of emblems and carvings representing both Britain and Argentina. At the top is an English Opaline Clock. Within the tower is a small museum where visitors can find out about it's history


3) Edifico Kavanagh:

Standing close to El Torre Monumental and overlooking Plaza San Martin is Edifico Kavanagh. This is a private apartment building and is considered a great example of Art Deco. The building was completed in 1935 and was the tallest reinforced concrete building in South America standing 120m tall, with 32 floors, and 105 apartments. In 1999 Edificio Kavanagh was named as a National Historic Landmark.


4) El Puente de la Mujer:

El Puente de la Mujer (The Women's Bridge) is a postcard landmark located in the trendy port area of Puerto Madero. It is a footbridge designed by architect Santiago Salatrava that crosses Dique 3 (Dock 3) and is inspired by the local dance of Tango. It really is spectacular at night when it is lit up.


5) La Floralis Generica:

One of Buenos Aires' most iconic landmarks can be found in the neighbourhood of Recoleta, in Plaza Naciones Unidas. It is called La Floralis Generica and is a giant metallic structure created in the form of a flower.


It is approximately 20 metres in height and contains six metallic petals made of stainless steel and aluminium. The structure is surrounded by a large cascade water fountain which complements the setting.


The structure was originally created with a system which allowed it to mimic the actions of actual flowers by following the path of the sun.


So if you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires, make sure to take in one of it's many landmarks which are never far away from where you may roam.

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